S8VS, S8 Valve Station

S8 Valve Station

The S8VS provides a safe and economical solution for small capacity lines. These products feature a weld in construction which offers increased safety over traditional two-bolt flange connections. These valve stations come standard with an integrated strainer which eliminates the need to order and install additional components. The S8VS is based on the proven S8F solenoid valves, RSF strainers, and R/S hand valves; sharing common components which reduces complexity and spare part requirements.

Product Features

  • Suitable for ammonia and halocarbon refrigerants
  • Integrated 60 mesh strainer
  • Interchangeable components with S8F solenoids, RSF strainer, and R/S hand valves
  • Comes standard with corrosion resistant plating
  • Weld in design eliminates potential leak points
  • Coils options to meet various applications
  • Complies with PED 2014/68/EU
  • DN15 (½”) and DN20 (¾”) connections in SW, ANSI BW, or DIN BW designs
  • Seal caps have integral wrench feature with provision for lock out / tag out or valve tag