SRH, High Capacity Safety Relief Valve

High Capacity Safety Relief Valve

Type SRH High Capacity Safety Relief Valves should be used to protect each refrigeration system pressure vessel that can be isolated by valves.

In many localities state or municipal codes govern selection and installation of Relief Valves. Many are patterned after the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and the ANSI/ASHRAE 15 Safety Code for Mechanical Refrigeration. Where no compulsory code exist, installation of Relief Valves according to this ANSI/ASHRAE Code is highly recommended.

Product Features

  • ANSI / ASHRAE 15 Complaint
  • Excellent Repeatability
  • Unaffected by Vibration
  • All Stainless Steel Internal Parts
  • Capacity Rating for Vapor Only
  • Pressure Settings 150 to 400 psi
  • Suitable for Ammonia, R22, R502, R404A, R717 and other common refrigerants
  • PTFE Seat