PVS, Valve Station

Valve Station

The Parker Valve Station (PVS) is designed to simplify the modern industrial refrigeration system. The PVS is an integrated design featuring proven solenoid, regulator or electronic valve modules in conjunction with isolation valves, check valve and strainer. This integrated design, comparied to traditional flanged setups, does not compromise performance, has the industries leading flow capacity and reduces installation time. The plated cast steel housing ensures long life without any environmental impact.

The standard applications for the PVS are pumped liquid, liquid injection and applications with hot gas defrost.

Product Features

  • Plated cast steel housing
  • RoHS compliant plating ensures long life without corrosion
  • Cartridge based design simplifies service and eliminates body wear
  • Top mounted hand valves for longer life and improved reliability
  • Up to six separate functions in one housing
  • Longer length to ensure better flow
  • Multiple refrigerant capacities and configurations available
  • Suitable for ammonia, CO2 and halocarbon refrigerants
  • Interchangeable with other P-Series control offerings
  • Coil options to meet various applications