HBDX, HBOVC, HBCP - Quality Sensors

HB Quality Sensor

HB Quality Sensor is a new revolutionary, patent-pending sensor technology, and it is thus the first sensor in the world capable of measuring the relationship between vapor and liquid in a refrigeration system. The sensor measures the degree of dryness, “X”, of the gas in the gas pipes, and the value is converted into a 4-20 mA analogue signal corresponding to “X”. The HBDX measures the dryness of the gas in the range X = 0.85…1.05. The measuring range for the HBOVC is between 0.6…0.9.

The sensor is available in two variants, "Rod Style” for installation in a pipe elbow and “In-line” for welding into the suction pipe.

The sensor offers very precise measurements and provides instant read-outs of the gas quality, making it useable in most evaporators (plate, pipe, and air evaporators).

The sensor’s microprocessor also functions as a controller, enabling the direct control of a modulating motor valve, thereby bypassing the external controller or the PLC. The controller can be set up with all the parameters that are necessary for regulating a modulating motor valve or a stepper motor valve. The sensor is available with a cable for direct supply to and control of the motor valve, or as a sensor where the signal is sent to the external controller/PLC.

The sensor cannot measure actual superheat, but with proper installation and system design, superheat can be reduced or eliminated, thus leading to substantial energy savings.